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Shri Radhaswami International School
CBSE Affilaition No.: 1730545, School Code: 10890
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Principal's Desk : Mr Mohar Singh Kharra

There has been a vigorous debate across the globe on India turning up as a super power by 2020. The only segment of the society that can impart the trust to incite the nation towards this momentous achievement is the youth-the face & fate of any nation. Quality education is the prime requisite to develop caliber of our youth. India has,indeed, been the antecedent of quality education since time immemorial. A step further MRPS has taken the initiative of transforming education which is imperative raising national standard in the contemporary knowledge driven Economics.It aspires to enlighten the youth to rediscover the potential that dwells within them and inspire them to take a step forwards to become a “verto”- the true transformer of the modern India.MRPS sincerely seeks, in its endeavor to take this precious legacy forward, to become a truly global school. I hope that you will find your association with us truly rewarding, gratifying & successful and shall by all odds facilitate India,aggressing as a super power well before the reckoned target.
Suman Sharma (Principal)
Shri Radhaswami Int School Khejroli Near Petrol Pump  Chomu
Jaipur Rajasthan India


Shri Radhaswami International School
Singod Mod, Near Petrol Pump, Khejroli,
Chomu, Dist. Jaipur (Rajasthan), INDIA
Phone : 9414205222, 9829638286
E-mail : shriradhaswamischool@gmail.com
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